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Before you do anything else, please read through these instructions carefully! The instructions are written specifically for private applicants, but they also apply to agencies.

When you travel to India, you must apply for a visa. A visa is a travel permit that the Embassy may grant on the basis of an application and that allows its holder to visit India. There are several different visa types: you must apply for the type that corresponds with the purpose of your travel. You can read about visa types under Visa Types. Leaving your application with the Embassy does not automatically mean that you will be granted a visa. Visa fees are not refunded even if the application is rejected.

1. Filling in the application. Indian visa is applied for with an online application form. Please read carefully the instructions on how to fill in the form. The same form is used in Indian missions all over the world. The server can therefore occasionally be very busy, rendering the site temporarily out of use. Please wait patiently and try again. Unfortunately the mission in Finland cannot influence the site directly.

2. Preparing the application. After you have filled in the form, print it out and paste one colour photo on the first page. Remember to also sign the form: below the photo and at the bottom of the second page. Please check the photo requirements ! It is not possible to have your photo taken at the Embassy. If you do not have a printer at home, you can save the application form on a flash drive and take a print-out for example at a public library.

3. Paying the visa fee. The visa fee must be paid by bank transfer to the Embassy bank account. Card or cash payment is not possible. Tourist visa for 6 months or less/business visa for 12 months or less: payment must be made beforehand and a receipt of the payment must be attached to the application. Other visa types: do not pay before you have been informed of the correct fee. The Embassy bank details can be found under Visa Fees.

  • The maximum of four applications can be pair with one transfer.
  • The receipt of the payment must have the following information: the account number of the recipient, the sum deposited, the entry date and the archive ID. In the message field you must quote the full name (all given names and surname) of the applicant, visa type and file number (FINH + 8 numbers). All this information must show on the printed receipt. It cannot be added by hand.

4. Submitting the application. The application together with required attachments must be submitted at the Embassy within two months of filling the application online. Please check what you need to submit for the visa type you are applying for under Visa Types. Applications and attachments are not returned to the applicant. If you need the original documents yourself, please be sure to attach only copies. Applications can be submitted either at the Embassy counter or through post. Submission hours at the counter are on weekdays at 9–12. You can submit the application in person or someone else can do it for you. If you want to apply through post, please read the instructions under Applying Through Post.

5. Processing the application. The processing begins only after we have received the application form together with required documents and the payment. Processing times vary: with other than Finnish/Estonian nationals, processing may take several weeks. Please note that special visa types (i.e. other than tourist or business visas) may take much longer than others. Express handling is only available once the application and all relevant documents have been approved by the Embassy and the decision regarding the visa has been made. Only applicants who are Finnish or Estonian by birth can apply for express handling.

6. Collecting the visa. The visa is a sticker that is affixed on the passport. Manual signatures or stamps are no longer needed on visa stickers, which now carry ‘ghost imaging’ and other security features. Ready visas can be collected from the Embassy on weekdays at 15–16.30. Passports are delivered first and foremost against the visa receipt issued by the Embassy. If this is not possible, there are two alternatives: if the applicant collects the passport in person, (s)he can collect it after showing an ID. If someone else collects the passport for the applicant, they must produce an authorization letter signed by the applicant. The passports are stored at the consular section according to the name that is the first of the applicant’s given names. The authorization letter must therefore include all names that are in the passport. It is also possible to have the passport returned by post. In this case the applicant must include a return envelope with the application. Please read the instructions under Applying Through Post.