Passports for newborns

Children’s names cannot be entered on their parent’s passport any more. For a child to be given an Indian passport he must have been registered with the Consular section of the Embassy within six months of birth. To apply for issue of a new passport to a child you must fill out the relevant application form for a new passport along with four recent coloured photographs.

Procedure for obtaining a passport for a newborn baby

You will need to submit following documents:

  • Duly filled-out and printed online application form (see Consular Forms) with the child’s thumb prints in dark ink (one on the first page, one on the second page and two on the last page). Please note that the print must be clearly defined and within the designated box!
  • Copies of both parents’ original Indian passports
  • Copies of Finnish/Estonian Residence Permits
  • three colour photos (see Photo requirements)
  • Intimation of childbirth form (see Consular Forms)
  • Undertaking by parents for issue of a separate passport form (see Consular Forms)
  • A copy of an Extract from the Finnish/Estonian population system (Maistraatti)
  • Proof of address in India (if not same as in parents’ passports)
  • Marriage certificate with apostille (if parents’ names are not included in each other’s passports) and copies thereof
  • (if you do not have an extract from the Finnish/Estonian population system: a copy of the Birth certificate from the Finnish/Estonian hospital where the baby was born)
  • payment receipt for the fee

Please note that all payments must be made via bank transfer! We no longer accept cash payments.

Applying a child’s first passport in India

If one parent is currently living in Finland/Estonia, but the child is in India, the parent in Finland/Estonia must produce an affidavit for the parent in India before applying for the child’s first passport. This affidavit can be downloaded from the Embassy website (see Consular forms). To apply for this service, please submit the following documents:

  • Affidavit for issue of child’s passport duly filled
  • Copy of parents’ passports
  • If parents’ names aren’t mentioned in each other’s passports, a copy of marriage certificate with apostille is also required
  • copy of the residence permit of the parent who is in Finland/Estonia
  • receipt of the confirmed payment (see Consular fees)

Please see this template for instructions on how to fill in the form.