OCI Card

OCI Card

Overseas Citizenship of India

The Government of India has launched the scheme for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) with effect from 14 November 2005. The eligibility criteria and the application form are  available at: http://mha.nic.in/uniquepage.asp?Id_Pk=553.

You can go to the online application form here: OCI Online Form


Please enter your Finnish passport’s details in the form!


Log into the system with the details of your old Finnish passport, ie. the passport that has the OCI sticker in it. Then, when you fill out the form, enter the details of your new passport.


Forms duly completed, along with a receipt of the payment of the required fee for each application, can be submitted to this embassy to be forwarded to the concerned authorities in India for granting of the OCI Registration Card. If you are already holding a PIO card, you must convert it to OCI by 30 September 2015 (conversion is free of charge). Remember to choose the correct registration form


Please note that the form must first be filled out online, then printed in duplicate. The form does not exist as a paper version and cannot be filled out at the Embassy.

Clarification regarding the issue of OCI to minors

  1. Minor children whose parent or parents are Indian nationals (Indian passport holders) are not eligible for OCI. To obtain OCI, the child must first apply for an Indian passport.
  2. Minor children whose parent or parents are former Indian nationals but now hold foreign passports are eligible for OCI.

The OCI card is valid indefinitely. However, in certain cases it must be renewed with passport renewal for an additional fee. Please consult the Consular Section for more information.

To apply for an OCI, please submit the following:

I. Applicants who have formerly held Indian passport or who are of Indian origin:

  • application form (filled in online and printed and signed in duplicate)
  • your original Finnish passport and copies of it
  • if you have previously held an Indian passport: Surrender Certificate and a photocopy of it
  • if you never have held an Indian passport: proof of your Indian origin (eg. photocopies of parents’ or grandparents’ Indian passports) and proof that you have never had an Indian passport (eg. a document that you can obtain from the Finnish ‘maistraatti’)
  • three colour photos (see photo requirements)
  • a receipt of the required fee paid via bank transfer


II. Applicants who are applying on the basis of marriage:

    • application form (filled in online, printed and signed in duplicate)
    • your original Finnish passport and copies of it
    • copy of your marriage certificate and apostille (NB! You can only apply after two years of marriage. If you get a divorce, you must have your OCI cancelled.)
    • copy of your spouse’s Indian passport/OCI card or other proof of his/her Indian origins
    • a letter from your spouse addressed to the Embassy of India, stating that you are married and have no intention of divorcing
    • photocopy of two documents as proof of your and your spouse’s joint, current Finnish address (for example, a driving license, telephone bill, utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)
    • three colour photos (see photo requirements)
    • a receipt of the required fee paid via bank transfer

    Please note: Persons of Indian origin applying for OCI Card are required to produce a Surrender Certificate. Please see Surrender Certificate for further instructions.

    Please note that we cannot accept photos that do not fill the above-mentioned requirements!

Address:  Kulosaarentie 32, 00570 Helsinki, FINLAND
Working hours: 0830–1300 and 1330–1700 from Monday to Friday except holidays
Application submission:  0900–1200 | Document collection: 1500‒1630
Telephone Numbers:   +358 (0)9 228 99 10    Fax :  +358 (0)9 622 12 08
e-mail address: amb.helsinki@mea.gov.in
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