Instructions on Filling Application

The online application form has six pages: there are four pages of questions, a summary, and the final registration, where the form can be printed. Once you reach the final registration, your application is finished and only needs to be printed. If you are not sure whether your application has been registered or not, you can enter your temporary application ID in 'Complete Partially Filled Form' (see below). If your application is finished, the programme will show the FINH code generated for your application. With this code and your passport data you can print the finished application. You must paste a photograph (according to the requirements) on the form and sign in twice.

Apple devices or Google Chrome do not work properly with the form! Always enter dates using the slash character: 19/11/2015.

Before starting with the application, make sure that your device has the software required for reading PDF files (eg. Adobe Reader). You will need it to save and print the finished form.

You can print the registered application or complete a partially filled form here.

Page 1

  • Select the correct country from the drop-down list: FINLAND.
  • Select the mission: FINLAND-HELSINKI.
  • Select your nationality.
  • Select your date of birth.
  • Enter your e-mail.
  • Confirm your e-mail.
  • Select the date you are planning to enter India.
  • Select the visa type, for example TOURIST VISA.
  • Enter the access code.

Finally, click 'Continue'. Please note that the information entered on this page cannot be changed later. Check the information carefully! The visa type can be changed by the Embassy officials if required.

Page 2

  • Fill in the applicant's details:
    • Surname and all given names (special characters such as Ö, Ü must be replaced by O, U etc., and hyphen must be replaced by a space, eg. Inga-Maria → Inga Maria).
    • In 'Citizenship/National ID No.', please write your nationality or your national ID number.
    • ‘Visual Identification marks’ means marks such as scars or birthmarks. If you do not have any, write NONE.
    • Choose your level of education (the closest equivalent).
    • Nationality: if you have never had any other nationality, select 'By birth'. If you have previously held another nationality, select 'Naturalization' and then your former nationality from the next drop-down menu.
    • If you are not Finnish, the programme asks 'Have you lived for at least two years in the country where your are applying visa?'. This means either Finland or Estonia. Answer yes or no. Remember to provide proof of residence in Finland/Estonia!
  • Fill in your passport details.
  • The last question regards applicants with dual citizenship. If you have only one passport, change the default answer to 'NO'. If you have another passport, fill in its details.

When you have replied to all questions, note down the Temporary Application ID given on the top of the page. If you have to exit temporarily, you can finish the application later by inserting this code in the programme. NB! This is not your proper application number! The proper application number is in the format FINH+8 digits.

Click ‘Save And Continue’.

Page 3

  • Fill in the contact information of the applicant. We need either the phone number or the email address (preferably both) so that we can contact you in case of an emergency.
  • Fill in the personal information of your parents (and spouse). Enter both given names and surname in the field. Enter parents' information even if they have already passed.
    • Applicant’s marital status is either married or un-married. If you are divorced or widowed, please choose un-married.
    • The default answer for applicant's Pakistani background is 'YES'. If your family doesn't come from Pakistan, choose 'NO'.
  • Enter your professional information. With underage children, the father's information is prompted. If you write mother's information instead, you can correct 'of Mother' on the printed form by hand.
  • The question about military etc. history refers to paid employment. If you have performed a compulsory military service (cf. yleinen asevelvollisuus in Finland), please choose 'NO'.

Click ‘Save And Continue’.

Page 4

  • Fill in the information concerning the visa you are applying for.
    • Select the purpose of visit. For tourist visa, the purpose of visit must be 'Tourism'.
    • Port of Arrival in India means the city you arrive in, eg. Mumbai. Port of Exit is the city you leave from.
  • If you have previously been granted an Indian visa, enter its details in the form. If you do not remember the visa details, enter 0000 as visa number and estimate the date of issue.
    • The default answer for previous visa refusal is 'YES'. If your visa application has never been refused, choose 'NO'.
  • In ‘Countries visited in the last 10 years’ enter a maximum of 20 countries.
  • SAARC countries are members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • For reference name in India, enter the name and address of a friend in India or the hotel you will stay at. If you do not yet know where you will stay, write ‘ACCOMMODATION NOT YET BOOKED’ in both the name field and address field and '1234567' as the phone number.
  • For reference name in Finland, enter a friend or a family member's name and contact information. If you live in Estonia, enter an address in Estonia.
  • In ‘Photo Upload’ you may upload a photo. Please note that the requirements for scanned photo are the same as for the print photo. Currently a print photo is required even when a photo has been scanned. If you want to scan a photo, click ‘Upload Image’.

Lastly, click ‘Save And Continue’.

Page 5

This page shows the information you have entered. Please check everything carefully, particularly passport details. If you want to make corrections, click ‘Modify/Edit’ at the bottom of the page. If everything is correct, click ‘Verified and Continue’. Another window will open, asking you to confirm that everything is correct. Click ‘OK’.

Page 6

The last page gives the applicant’s given names and the file number. Write this number down! It is required eg. in bank transfers and it will identify your application.

Finally click ‘Print Form’. Depending on the software, the completed application form will open in your browser as a PDF file, or you are offered the options of saving the file or opening it. Choose 'Open file'. Now, you can either print the form immediately or save it to print later. It's advisable to save a copy for yourself even if you print it immediately. The form should be printed before coming to the Embassy. It is not possible to print it at the Embassy.

The final application looks like this: